Road to Recovery

Beautiful Words by Trish Mathers Wildlife Carer
"Walking home from the supermarket one day back in 2000, a Galah dropped at our feet. As we could find no Wildlife Carer to take him, we applied and became carers. Well it sort of became a passion and together with my husband, we have cared for over 5,000 native animals. On a pension, with no funding, many meals we have gone without so the Wildlife get the best of care. Sleep is something you dream of. Wildlife caring is an exponential learning curve. Any and all help is very gratefully accepted. Educating others is paramount. My name is Trish Mathers".
Road to Recovery Original
"Swampie in the front. Banjo into mischief playing on the road. The Road to Recovery".
"Banjo was a bushfire baby. He wasn't injured. He lost his mum. Banjo was rescued by another wallaby, Swampie!. Swampie found Banjo on his own and brought him home to us, the ones who raised him! 3am, in rocks Swampie with a tiny 1kg Banjo in tow. 'Look mum.' Well there no sign of Banjo's mum so we scooped him into a pouch and raised him for release. Banjo had a middle name, Mischief! Anything and everything from hopping up onto the dining table to help himself to the fruit bowl, to unpacking the groceries, trimming the garden plants, you name it, Banjo was into it. As the fires raged and despair took place of hope, Banjo delighted people from all over the World with his antics. They watched him grow and he gave them focus. Meantime, at the very start of the fires, one name stood out. Jodie Blackney. Jodie runs Bushfire Wildlife Rescue and Support and she was on the ground running first hint of smoke with supplies getting immediately to those desperate Wildlife Rescuers. There was no waiting for funds. No excuses. Jodie paid for everything out of her own pocket until her GoFundMe released donations to her. She went straight to her vet to get tubs of Flamazine sent asap to the burnt koalas. I jumped on board to support Jodie as I had been contacting many carers at this time to see if they were ok and what they needed. Something that will forever haunt me is Beekeepers, who were allowed into the burnt areas to tend their bees, complaining they could hear the screams of the badly scorched and dying wildlife. Carers weren't allowed to go in. Enter Jodie and her Bushfire Wildlife Rescue and Support team. Rescuers, carers and vets. Stocked with supplies. Jodie got many teams in to help our suffering wildlife. Bushfire Wildlife Rescue and Support continue to help any and all Carers, not only Fire affected, drought, Flood, Cyclones. You name it. Jodie and her team are there with 'continuing' support. Many carers would have given up totally if it wasn't for Jodie. Well, back to Swampie. Swampie and I have a bond. A special bond. He appears if I need him. I get woken with a voice in my head 'Swampie's here'! I know where he is. He sends me pictures. Swampie is a wild wallaby and has been since released. These beautiful animals deserve your support".
Trish with Swampie